Corporate Video and animation

Specialists in Motion Graphics and Animated Video Marketing


The animation team behind Melbourne based design studio Beetle Creative is known among their clients for creating powerful, to the point video and motion graphics content that captures and excites audiences. What makes their work so effective is transparent, concise communication, just like the copy on this page. This way of designing video isn’t just about good business practice, building trust, and talking straight, it’s rooted in the belief that great communication is built on ideas, not just words. Not every business considers what motion graphics and animation can do, to connect with their audiences, motivate employees, and share visions. Just the great ones. At least, that’s what we believe.


Our videos and motion graphics are designed from the ground up to tell what needs to be told in every moment, minute by minute, frame by frame. Compelling motion graphics are about more than how things look. When you step into a forest, you don’t just see the trees, you see the way birds flit between branches, hear the river rushing, and feel something unique to you. Good motion graphics break down barriers by taking complex or abstract ideas and communicating them visually, but visuals are just one avenue to communicate through.


Beetle Creative’s motion graphics go beyond looks, developing the way things move, behave, sound and feel, so that every quiet detail speaks to your message. Beetle Creative opens so many avenues of communication that even the most complex ideas can be made into beautifully succinct, emotive calls to action. Don’t just deliver a photo of your world, let them step into the forest.


Beetle Creative specialises in Video Marketing and Animation, Motion Graphics, TV advertisements, Explainer videos, Animated Logos, Youtube Marketing, Viral Videos and Augmented Reality. Beetle Creative prides itself on it’s forward-thinking, and cross-pollinating of mediums to create truly unique messages and branding. Beetle Creative judges its success on the success of its clients and views each professional relationship as a partnership to establish long-term and mutually beneficial growth through identifying strategies that provide the greatest impact for the most efficient investment.


If you are interested in collaborating with Beetle Creative to help bring out the potential in your business don’t hesitate to contact Beetle Creative to see what Beetle Creative can do for you.