Augmented Reality in Marketing

There was a time when the world had boundaries and we were bound to physics, such as gravity. These elements
which we have long accepted as reality are now being challenged. This challenge of the accepted norm is coming
from within the sphere of Augmented reality where imagination has no bounds and this imagination is being
entangled with what we knew as reality. Whilst augmented reality has existed in some form since 2001, the best
of Augmented reality is unquestionably yet to come.

The idea of video games meeting real environments seems increasingly plausible. Imagine it, Aliens invading your
city and you’re the only one who can save the world. This of course will also make for great entertainment for those
not involved in the game as young men run around the city trying to stem the flow of a virtual alien invasion, but
from a gaming experience this and other potential opportunities from this experience would be enormous. Long
passed are the days of Shane Warne Cricket, you could instead have an augmented reality game with the greatest
cricket players of all time, right in your backyard or living room. Beyond the potential in video games, augmented
reality has become a popular means in Marketing. The reason for this is its level of interaction and engagement.
You can frame your audience to experience what it is you wish for them to see and Augmented Reality is fun, people
want to share their experience and so your campaign goes viral.

We are living in an era where the fine line between fantasy and reality becomes increasingly unclear. Thanks to
the advanced technology of visual media, augmented reality has enriched human’s interactivity and perception with
their physical reality in tremendous ways with computer-generated contents through the means of audio, video,
graphic and GPS data enhancement. Following are some of our favourite examples of Augmented Reality used in
Marketing. In many ways Augmented Reality offers a sixth sense. This extras sense that you provide your customers
or potential customers gives you a significant advantage in highlighting what it is that you want them to see.
Augmented Reality is an opportunity not to be missed.

To give you a gist of what we offer, we have collated a list of our favourite Augmented Reality Marketing Campaigns:

1)    National Geographic Channel/UPC


You don’t have to be David Attenborough or the late Steve Irwin to have an up close and personal experience with
wildlife. Touring around shopping malls in Hungary back in 2011, National Geographic and UPC have collaborated
with Appshaker to create a visually breathtaking augmented reality of various wildlife settings for everyday shoppers
to interact with.

Live Augmented Reality for National Geographic Channel / UPC from Appshaker Ltd on Vimeo.


2)    BMW Z4

Driving one of BMW’s prestigious cars is one that many can only dream of. The marketing team of BMW Z4 created
a state-of-the-art interactive 3D model where users can have a first hand virtual experience behind the wheels with
the use of their webcam.


3)    Virtual Tissot Watches 

Unlike most clothing AR applications where ‘trying’ on clothes looks unrealistic and two-dimensional, Tissot has
created a virtually stunning way for you to try out their range of watches that fits perfectly around your wrist on screen.
With the use of advanced 3D technology, all users have to do is to print out a Tissot paper wristband, and slip it on to
try on the look and to view the watch’s function.


4)        BBC – Frozen Planet.

With a majority of the worlds population now living in Urbanised environments, perhaps Augmented reality
will play an important role in re-connecting people with nature and bringing about awareness to the plight of
some animals and environments. Imagination meets reality to create this fun environment.

BBC Frozen Planet Augmented Reality, NJ, IL, CA – USA by Appshaker from Appshaker Ltd on Vimeo.


5)        Volvo 3D X-Ray.

Volvo have created a sixth sense by offering viewers x-ray vision through their latest vehicle. By taking viewers
beneath the bonnot, they are saying ‘we are proud of every aspect of our car – we have nothing to hide – this is
both value adding but also creating a memorable experience.



6)        Goertz shoes

Augmented reality is regularly used to enhance a shopping experience whether that is bringing the products to
you through the internet or phone or whether creating convenience by not having to physically try clothes/items
on. Whilst many have attempted this I feel Goertz have created one of the more successful examples. They achieve
this through the use of multiple cameras which from 3 angles capture the users foot to great accuracy. The value
with AR is often the ability to share to reach a larger audience which this also successfully does.


7)    Starbucks Cup Magic for Valentine’s Day

It is 21st century’s concept of ‘message in a bottle’. In conjunction with Valentine’s Day earlier this year, the
global beverage chain came up with an innovative way to send a personalised heartfelt message to your loved
ones through the Starbuck’s beverage and application.


8)    Total Immersion’s Virtual Fitting Room

The fate of retail shopping might be at stake with the rise of virtual fitting rooms. Total Immersion has created
a TryLive virtual fitting room application that allows users to try on the range of clothes offered in the comforts
of their home. The clothes will appear to fit your body shape to a T in real time and motion.


9)    Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Planning an ingredient list is so overrated. Blippar has created an innovative application that allows Heinz
consumers to be spontaneous when it comes to grocery shopping. Just by scanning the product through your
smartphone, the application will unveil a ‘Secret Ingredient’ cookery pack that provides you a range of recipes
for you to try.


10) Holiday Inn’s Augmented Reality Hotel

With the commencement of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games earlier this year, Holiday Inn
created the world’s first Augmented Reality Hotel, featuring some of Britain’s well-loved athletes in action
within the settings of the hotel for patrons through their smartphones and mobile tablets. Missing out a live
game in London wasn’t so bad after all.


11) James Cameron’s Avatar Toys

To think Cameron’s film was groundbreaking enough, the film’s action figure merchandises are possibly
changing the future of board games as well. Major toy manufacturer Mattel has found a way to make Avatar’s
Pandora come into life through utilising a 3D web tag and a webcam that shows the toys engaging with other
players. One can’t help but think of the 1998 animated film ‘Small Soldiers.’ This is unquestionably the future
of many toys and video games, which immerse the user into a semi virtual, semi real world.


12) Zoo Records Hidden Sound

Although it is technically not of augmented reality, this deserves an honourable mention for engaging people
with reality and the virtual world. Living up to its ‘alternative’ roots, the Hong Kong-based music record label
has collaborated with Leo Burnett to create an application that engages users with Hong Kong’s urban sights
and sounds through placing vivid displays with hidden QR codes around the city for users to discover Hong
Kong’s underground music scene with every code discovered.

The demand for augmented reality in marketing strategies has seen a significant boost along with the rise of
smartphones and mobile tablets. Here at Shades of Green, we offer our clients high quality services through
our creative team of professional illustrators, animators, programmers and mobile application developers.
When it comes to marketing your brand, Shades of Green provide you the endless possibilities of incorporating
interactive media that allows you to reach out to your target audiences in the most captivating way possible.
Not only has augmented reality proven to be more cost effective than traditional advertorial strategies, the
interactive element of augmented reality offers each and every customer a personal experience with your brand,
which benefits your business in the long run through the efficient viral effect of today’s social network platform.

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