Motion Graphics Corporate Videos – Client: IntelligenceBank



IntelligenceBank is a Melbourne Software company offering 3 major components – Boards, Marketing & Business. We were commissioned to create separate videos explaining each of these three facets. This business video explains IntelligenceBank Boards, highlighting the beneficial features that the software offers to Boards and Board Members. This animation successfully combines stop-motion, 3D animating and 2D animation to create one coherent and engaging rundown on the software. Overall, we were eager to create a clean neutral look, well suited to a cutting edge technology company while creating a friendly, welcoming and simple look, emphasising a usability that the software prides itself on. We successfully conveyed people and different situations through the use of different devices and props and conveyed a story through their movement. I hope you enjoy. If your business needs a video or animation to explain your business, product or service, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Beetle Creative is a one-stop shop for all business videos.


This is what we can do:
– video advertising
– promotional videos
– explainer videos
– motion graphics
– video marketing
– viral videos
– corporate videos
– TV Advertising
– Social video networking


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