Eagle Sports Business Video Animation

When Eagle Sports first approached us they had a dated logo from the late 1980s. We knew we quickly had to revolutionise that and we instantly gave it a modern and sharp look, created the slogan ‘time to fly’ and created strong branding through the use of strong black and white sportsman and eagle silhouettes to create a sharp timeless look. When we got the opportunity to complete their business video it was clear that this was another opportunity to build on this strength we had already established. Filming two sportsman in front of a Green Screen studio and through clever animation and transitions we managed to tell the story of Eagle Sports and all of the many Sports that they cater for. It was important to create a strong animated logo and reiterate the eagle and the branding. We were simultaneously working on their website so we saw an opportunity for this video marketing to play a key role and together they complement and strengthen one another. There is an exciting little trick that can only be enjoyed on the Eagle Sports website. So view the video animation from there to appreciate it at its best.

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