Logo Animation and Video Branding

The in production Fenec Fox branding animation is one of the most ambitious we have undertaken to date. The video you see here was the first step in bringing the titular mascot, Fenec, to animated life, the logo animation ident to be use in all future videos for the brand. Fenec Fox is the iconic character of the self-serve deals website which will be hitting Melbourne streets within the next year. The animation in production tells the story of Fenec Fox and how his app came to be, and the many great features that it offers. This invites a blend of traditional storytelling for an engaging emotional framing that highlights the need for the platform, with a degree of explanation that delves into the raw functionality of it’s service.

Stylistically the video and subsequent branding materials are an extension of this logo animation, which draws on the vibrancy and bold personality of the brand. Fenec is a charismatic fox with a good heart but also a bit of Fonz-like attitude. Strong animated branding and viral marketing will be an important aspect in making Fenec Fox known. The start-up needs to bolster it’s presence and recognition by word of mouth in lieu of a larger advertising budget, and a powerfully memorable logo animation is a key component of any strong brand. Highlighted here are some of the animated characters who will play a part in the Fenec Fox video animation. We are also documenting the making of this Fenec Fox video animation so we are excited to soon release both the video and the behind the scenes – making of the animation, to give you an insider understanding of how strong brands are built with the help of brand characterisation, logo animation, and video marketing.

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