Good Design, as a 40 second motion graphic.


An aspiration like great, timeless design has deep and complex implications for the individuals trying to achieve that goal. In this motion graphics piece, our resident 2D Animation expert Thomas Kennedy set out to communicate as much of what makes great design excel as possible, in as little space as he could; only 40 seconds, and create it all in just 24 hours. An exercise in concise communication, tight turnaround, and strong, relevant imagery. The result is this elegant animated video covering key principles of good design.


What makes good design? There are many schools of thought, Thomas has said his piece in the video. In his words; “Good Design is a product that puts the purpose it serves first, and makes that purpose clear to all who see it. It does this in a unique, beautiful way that only it can do.” Motion graphics are an ideal solution in information heavy deliveries for their ability to frame and simplify complex ideas with direct visual cues. Provided a motion graphic animation remains consistent, it can cross stylistic barriers and break convention to tell stories with unparallelled clarity. The conversational nature also makes it one of the most highly engaging forms of video, creating a direct conversation with the viewer. In this way, what might be considered a dry topic has the potential to have great emotional scope.


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Motion Graphic: Good Design Principles