Marketing Video for Lash Republic eyelash range

Beetle Creative was approached by Lash Republic to create an elegant, vibrant set of promotional materials for their launch of a new range of artisan eye lashes. The centerpiece of the campaign would be a striking animated marketing video on their landing page that communicates what makes the product so unique from its contemporaries, in detail, and still be fully engaging. In keeping with the sleek, sophisticated aesthetic of the new Lash Republic branding Beetle Creative was also commissioned to produce, our animators employed a dramatic pace that builds through the video, and high contrast imagery to highlight gorgeous model and product shots. Keeping to a regal purple and gold color profile elevates the sense of glamor and exclusivity further, while the playful flow of golden particles gives the animation a sense of space and freedom, accentuating just how simple and easy Lash Republic’s range makes it to make a powerful beauty statement.

This particular marketing video is just one example of what Beetle Creative is creating for their clients. If you’re interested in getting your own marketing video made, or availing yourself of our other services, feel free to drop us a line any time right here.