Video Marketing Intelligence Bank

Beetle Creative offers unique video marketing through film and animation. IntelligenceBank was the client for this business video. IntelligenceBank is a Melbourne Software company with 3 facets to it’s offerings, specialising in Boards, Marketing and Business. This was our second animation for IntelligenceBank focusing on the features and advantages of their Marketing Software, the first covering the Boards facet of their service which can be found here. Video marketing material is uniquely positioned as the most effective, concise, and direct communicative tool in your branding and marketing arsenal, which also makes it an ideal teaching tool when it comes to explaining the intricacies of any platform, service, or product. In introducing the public to IntelligenceBank’s services, it’s crucial to immediately convey it’s ease of use, and precisely where you’ll save time and money in utilizing it’s features. To that end a true-to-product representation was use in the video marketing that walks viewers through it’s functionality step by step. The execution included 2D animation, 3D animation, and creating new graphic elements and assets such as the mock-brand used throughout the video, and the underlying audio.

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